Addabarie Estate

Masala Chai Blend (Assam Tea)

Rs. 500 Rs. 550

The produce of this Victorian-era estate in Assam is blended with aromatic Indian spices to form a fusion of traditions. A bright brisk liquor with the typical body of Assam Masala tea or Assam Masala chai and distinct taste notes of pepper, ginger and cinnamon.

Tasting Notes: Aromatic, bright, robust, spicy & zesty.

Strength: Fairly strong

Addabarie Estate: The Assam Masala chai blend is an ode to the humble ginger and long conversations savoured over endless cups of Assam masala tea. Addabarie has two different folk legends that throw light on its unusual name. The first traces back to wild ginger or 'adda' that once grew in abundance in the gardens. The second - that a river running through the estate was a popular gathering spot, or ‘adda’ for country boats. Either way, whether ginger or a gathering - Assam Masala tea is its perfect accompaniment.

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