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Rs. 250.00

A classic black tea with a bold and malty flavour, best enjoyed after a hearty breakfast with visitors.                                                                                          

In the old Anglo-Saxon tradition of hospitality, hosts would provide hearty breakfasts for visiting friends and neighbours. This was finished off with a cup of strong, malty tea that held up well with cream and sugar. Luxmi's English Breakfast blend brings together teas from our own estates in Darjeeling and Assam. A rich explosion of flavour and strength. 

Tasting Notes: Bold, malty flavour with floral undertones. 

Strength: Fairly Strong. 

About The Tea: The strength in the cup originates from one of our top-quality upper ASSAM estates, while the flavour comes from our heritage tea estate in the Darjeeling hills. The idea of the English Breakfast tea traces back to the 13th century and the country houses of the gentry. A blend usually made up of two to three different black teas was created to pair well with the traditional protein-rich meal. The boldness is perfectly balanced by the sweet floral notes, providing the right start to your mornings. 


Rs. 250.00

Black tea from our Assam Estates flavoured with the oil from the rind of bergamot orange.                                                                                                                                   

Black tea flavoured with the oil from the rind of bergamot orange - a fruit that is mostly grown in Italy Our version of this famed blend maintains the original recipe of a rich Assam CTC tea with the delicate balance of the 'oil of Bergamot'.

Tasting Notes: Nutty with citrus mint notes of bergamot.

Strength: Fairly Mild

 About The Tea: A potent, refreshing ASSAM black tea with notes of citrus, mint and malt. Earl Grey is named after the British Prime Minister - Charles, the second Earl Grey (1764 - 1845). Having made various notable political contributions including the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, he is most well known throughout history for the Earl Grey tea bearing his name. It is claimed that he received a gift of tea which was flavoured with the oil of bergamot, among many other legendary origin stories.


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