Kenduguri Estate

Raja Singh Blend (Assam Green Tea)

Rs. 500 Rs. 550

Kenduguri is synonymous with Assam green tea, so much so that even the produce from other estates is referred to by the locals in Punjab as Kenduguri. The estate owes its cult status to the father-son duo Raja Singh & Kalyan Singh who under the patronage of the British governor in the province helped cement the popularity of the Assam green tea. It is still widely loved by connoisseurs in the region.

Tasting Notes: Rich, Layered, Vegetal, hints of Rice & Green Berry.

Strength: Moderate

Kenguduri: A Assam green tea blend with well twisted dark green whole leaves with white tips- from the historic upper Assam estate of Kenduguri. The estate has been producing Assam green tea for more than a century. This pale olive cup is light and layered, with different notes that can be savoured over multiple brewings.

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