Moran Estate

Gordon Smith Blend (Assam Orthodox Tea)

Rs. 500 Rs. 550

This Assam Orthodox Tea blend honours Gordon Smith, Chairman of the historic Moran Tea Company. His family founded the company and lived in the Moran Burra Bungalow for generations. He was a fixture of tea estate life in Dibrugarh doing untiring work for the plantations as well as social-educational work for the neighbouring townsfolk. This Assam Orthodox Tea India blend is a tribute to the Smiths’ legacy since 1864.

Tasting Notes: Bold, malty, sweet caramel with hints of chocolate.

Strength: Fairly Strong 

The Estate: The Assam Moran Estate is part of the Moran circle - a group of ten or so Assam orthodox tea estates including, Sepon, Dirai, Attabarie and Lepetkatta- which make the strongest Assam orthodox teas, prized around the world. The plantations grow quality-clones and the Broadleaf Assam Jat, giving it a distinct 'malty' character. This Assam orthodox tea blend is a selection of finely plucked and orthodox processed Assam long leaf tea, giving you a dark and aromatic cup.

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